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Books Build Brains

November 28,2017

Recent research proves what so many teachers have suspected for years: books literally help to build brains.

Scientists used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study what was going on in preschoolers’ brains as they listened to stories. They found that children with parents who read to them regularly and had more books in the home literally showed more brain activity when listening to an age-appropriate story: the fMRI showed significantly greater activation in the parts of the brain that support imagery and narrative comprehension as well as the part that processes visual association. This, despite the fact that the children were just listening to a story and could not see any pictures.

So keep going to the library and keep reading books. Provide a literacy-rich environment and help build the brains around you.



Walk on the Wild Side

October 28,2017

Enjoy nature this fall by taking your family on a long walk outside in a city park or just around the neighborhood – anywhere outdoors that you can enjoy the changing colors of the season, natural vistas, and the sounds of critters. Spend the time talking about what each of you sees and answer questions that arise.

Recent research suggests that walking in nature correlates with reduced stress, increased happiness, and improved mental health. Research has also proven the important role that talking to children plays in brain development.

So unplug, unwind and enjoy the natural world wherever you can find it. It’ll be good for you and your children.


Power of Play

September 26,2017

Children learn more through play than many adults realize. Here are just some of the things children can learn through play:

  • Creativity & Imagination — Like pretending a stick is a magic wand.
  • Social Skills — like taking turns when playing a game, sharing, and cooperating.
  • Literacy Skills — like how to hold a pencil by coloring. Or making a sign for a lemonade stand.
  • Vocabulary – like the word “stethoscope” when playing with a toy doctor’s kit.
  • Balance and Coordination– like when playing hop scotch or jumping rope.

Experts who have studied play explain that learning and playing go hand-in-hand and recommend that children have time to play every day. Play is healthy for positive development of both minds and bodies.