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Stress Less

February 26,2017

Raising children can be stressful for parents. Fortunately, reading can be a powerful stress reliever. In fact, research conducted at the University of Sussex indicates that after only six minutes, reading can reduce stress levels by as much as 68%. The act of reading slows heart rates and eases tension in muscles, too. In fact, reading is a more powerful stress reducer than listening to music or going for a walk.

So when you feel so stressed you might “lose it,” get lost in a book. With any luck, you’ll more calm and relaxed in no time.


Make Your Children Smarter

January 29,2017

If there were something you could do to raise your children’s IQ would you do it? Well, there is! Research shows that reading to children in an interactive style can increase their IQ by 6 points over a six-month period.

What do we mean by an interactive style? We mean engaging your child in book-related conversation before, during, and after reading to them. Although it can take a little longer to read interactively, it is easy to do and is definitely worth doing. See our tips below.


Tips for Interactive Reading

Before reading: Preview a book’s cover and the pictures inside. Ask questions like:

  • What do you see on the cover of this book? (A: Three bears)
  • Have you ever seen bears in real life (A: Yes, at the zoo.) Were the bears at the zoo that you saw wearing clothes like this? (A: No!)
  • Let’s look inside the book at the pictures on every page. After looking at the pictures, what do you think happens to the bears in this story?

During reading: Follow your children’s lead. Stop reading to their answer questions and discuss the story. Have fun using different voices to represent various characters in the story.

After reading: Summarize the story or ask your children to do so. Ask open ended questions starting with words like: who, what, when, where, why.


Season of Giving

December 30,2016

As readers of this blog know, Budding Reader donates eBooks in the developing world through nonprofit partners, Worldreader and World Literacy Foundation. In 2016, hundreds of classrooms received Budding Reader eBook sets — benefiting over 11,000 students (mainly in Uganda). To date, Budding Reader has donated over 38,000 eBook sets to children in need.

Thanks so much for doing your part to make this happen. Happy Holidays!