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January 13,2021
Want your children to put down the remote and pick up books? Here are some ideas:
  1. Create a special place just for reading. Pile pillows on the floor in the corner, provide good lighting and a pile of books.
  2. Let children stay up 15 minutes past bedtime if they spend that extra time reading or looking at books. Turn off the lights and provide a flashlight to make it extra fun.
  3. Talk to your child about a favorite book from your own childhood, then check that book out from the library. Odds are your endorsement will make the book more appealing.
  4. Download eBooks (or check them out from your library). Research shows that children prefer to read eBooks over printed ones.
  5. Store books where they are easy to find and reach. If possible, turn some books so their front covers are visible tempting children to read them.

Make books and reading a daily habit for children and you’ll set them on the road to becoming lifelong learners.

you are not alone

November 24,2020

Do you have a child for whom learning to read is especially difficult? Has it ever crossed your mind that your child might learn differently? If so, you may be glad to know that help is available – and best of all, it is free!

The Office of Special Education Programs at the U.S. Department of Education funds Parent Technical Assistance Centers across the country. These centers provide parents with free information regarding learning differences, other disabilities, early intervention, school services, therapy, and more. The centers also provide one-on-one consultations which can be invaluable.

So, if you have a nagging feeling that perhaps your child does learn differently, trust your instincts and have your child tested. For information regarding where to have your child tested, (or, if your child has already been diagnosed and you need support regarding next steps) visit your Parent Technical Assistance Center website or pick up the phone and call for advice. You and your child may be very glad that you did.

walk on the wild side

October 25,2020

With the pandemic forcing us to minimize social interaction, it’s a great time to spend time in nature. Enjoy nature this fall by putting on your face masks and your walking shoes taking your family on a long walk outside in a city park or just around the neighborhood – anywhere outdoors that you can enjoy the changing colors of the season, natural vistas, and the sounds of critters. Spend the time talking about what each of you sees and answer questions that arise.

Recent research suggests that walking in nature correlates with reduced stress, increased happiness, and improved mental health. Research has also proven the important role that talking to children plays in brain development.

So unplug, unwind and enjoy the natural world wherever you can find it. It’ll be good for you and your children.