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check this out!

August 22,2019

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a library to raise a reader.

This isn’t an exaggeration – just do the math. If you read to your child 20 minutes a day for the first five years of life (although we hope you keep reading through elementary school and beyond), just think how many children’s books you’d read before the first day of Kindergarten. Twenty minutes a day for five years translates into more than 25 solid days of doing nothing but reading! Assuming you’re able to read an average of four picture books per hour that means you’ll need 2400 children’s books! And where can you find that many books? The library, of course!

So to raise your reader(s), head to the library and check out some books. And while you are there ask your library to add Budding Reader eBooks to their digital collections (via OverDrive, 3M, or Baker & Taylor). That way our eBooks will be available to all emergent readers in your community, including your own. When you check out Budding Reader eBook’s you’ll discover what we already know: all those hours of reading to your child were worth it, the first time you hear your child read to you.