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Training Wheels for New Readers

June 24,2019

If your child can’t reach the sink, you might provide a step stool. If your child can’t balance a big bike yet, you might install training wheels. Is there anything you can do to help your emergent reader experience success with early reading attempts? You bet.

Next time you are reading a book to your emergent reader, try these three simple reading techniques and see if they make learning to read easier and more fun:

  • Shared Reading: Select one simple word which appears frequently in the story. Have the child read that word every time it appears. You read the rest of the words. Gradually, increase the number of words the child reads. Be sure to point at each word as you read it so your child can follow along.
  • Echo Reading: You read an entire page of a story and then have the child read the same page to you.
  • Choral Reading: Both you and the child read the entire story aloud simultaneously.

For more helpful tips for working with new readers, consider downloading our free parent guide. It is free and easy to share with others, too. Enjoy!