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Stock Your Library

June 25,2018

How can you encourage your children to unplug and pick up a book instead? Make sure they have easy access to them: create a home library in a convenient and visible place.

Start by collecting children’s books wherever you can find them: thrift stores, garage sales, or book stores. Choose a variety of types of books you believe will interest your children. Further build your library by asking relatives and friends to give books for holidays and birthdays.

Once you have gathered several books, place them together on a special shelf, or on a bookcase, or in a crate. Work with your children to organize the books in a way that makes sense to your family – for example, you might put picture books together and chapter books together. Be sure to make a special section just for library books so they don’t get lost.

Building your own home library signals to your children that reading is an important and worthwhile way to their spend time. If you choose books that truly interest them, they’ll also learn that reading is fun and interesting, too!