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Homework Helper

January 25,2018

Many teachers in the early grades task children with reading aloud nightly to an adult. Here are a few tips for making the most of this time:

  • Prioritize it! Reading provides very real and important lifelong benefits to your child. It improves cognitive function, helps raise math scores, develops vocabulary and communication skills, and fosters empathy. This assignment is far too important to your child’s future to skip.
  • Develop a routine in terms of the time of day for your child to read to you. Choose a time that works best for your schedule and your child’s temperament.
  • Sit side by side with your child so that you can both easily see the book (words and pictures).
  • Be patient. It is likely that your child will struggle with some words. That is okay. Wait a few seconds before jumping in. This video illustrates best practices for helping new readers.
  • Discuss what your child read afterwards. This can help improve comprehension.

Learning anything takes practice. Reading is no exception.