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Nurture Readers

April 27,2016

Research tells us that personal experience is the most powerful persuader. For example, if children taste broccoli and don’t like it, telling them that it tastes good won’t convince them otherwise. Same goes for reading. If children experience reading as unpleasant, words won’t convince them otherwise. To believe reading is enjoyable, children must actually experience it that way.

Here are three simple ways to make reading more fun:

  • Let your child choose which books to read. Children are more likely to enjoy reading if the subject interests them.
  • Make reading time the most pleasant part of your child’s day. Snuggle close and focus only on your child and the book at hand.
  • Talk with your child about the book before, during, and after reading. Make connections between the story and your child’s life experiences. This will not only help your child feel heard, but also help them to understand the world.

Help your child develop a love of reading today so that they can develop a love of learning tomorrow.