Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stop, Look and Listen

March 30,2016

We often tell children to “Stop, Look and Listen” before crossing the street. Research shows we should be teaching new readers to “Stop, Look and Listen” before reading a book!

Why? Because stopping to preview a book before reading it can significantly improve comprehension. Looking at the pictures can help children anticipate what to expect in the story. Listening to the story as someone else reads it helps prepare children to tackle the task themselves.

So, next time you share a book with your emergent reader remember to:

Stop: Take a minute for the child to learn more about the book. Point out the title and the picture on the cover.

Look: Turn through the pages and look at the pictures. Ask the child to guess what might happen in the story.

Listen: Have the child listen to the story before reading it.

Taking just a few minutes to “Stop, Look and Listen” will not only improve reading comprehension but will also increase the odds of a positive, successful reading experience.