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You Can Say That Again

March 30,2015

Have you ever wondered why young children like to hear the same stories or sing the same songs over and over again? That’s because their brains are naturally hardwired to seek repetition. Repetition builds neural pathways in the brain; repetition helps children learn.

The first time children (or adults, for that matter) do something, it can be difficult. Over time, with practice, neural connections are formed and that skill becomes easier. Eventually, that skill is permanently stored in the subconscious brain where it can easily be recalled as needed.

Budding Reader eBooks harness the power of repetition. Using an innovative design where a single story is told and retold with an ever-expanding vocabulary, these eBooks are designed to prod children’s brains into building neural connections.

So help your child master reading by using repetition. After all, reading is essential. And that bears repeating.