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Turkey Trot

November 25,2014

Thanksgiving Day is almost here. Here are some ways to foster literacy skills as we head toward “Turkey Day.”

  • Visit the library and check out books to read about Thanksgiving. Even pre-readers can be entertained by looking at picture books in the car.
  • Ask your child to choose a letter (e.g., the Letter S). Over the course of Thanksgiving week, ask your child to name as many things they are grateful for that begin with that letter (e.g., stuffed animals, swimming pools, slides and swings, etc.). Feel free to change letters midweek.
  • Have your child create a place card for each person who will be sitting at your Thanksgiving dinner table. (Index cards folded in half work well for this purpose.) This gives your child writing practice and allows their writing to be displayed proudly on the table.
  • During that road trip to Grandma’s house, play this game. Work together as a team to spot something out the windshield that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Or look for signs or license plates that contain each letter.
  • Be silly. Call your coffee mug, a “rug.” Or call a wall, a “ball”. See if your child catches you using the wrong letter at the beginning of a word. If so, ask what sound/letter belongs at the beginning of the word you are saying improperly.

Happy Thanksgiving!