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Wordless Wonders

September 25,2014

Did you know that even wordless books (picture books with no words) can foster important literacy skills? They can:

  • Develop oral language and sequencing skills as a child “reads” using imagination and prediction.
  • Prompt discussion of storyline and story structure (“What happened at the beginning of the story? The middle? The end? Why?)
  • Lead to literacy-rich conversations full of vocabulary words far above a child’s reading level and make connections to a child’s life experience. (Did you ever see a rhinoceros at the zoo?”)
  • Foster higher-level thinking: (“Can you think of animals other than birds that can fly?” “Why can’t pigs fly in real life?”)
  • Teach book handling and conventions: how to hold a book right side up, how to turn pages, and that we read from left to right.

So try incorporating wordless books into your story times and see what happens. The imaginations of the children in your life may just leave you speechless.