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Talk, Play, Sing & Read

July 31,2014

Research indicates that the number one predictor of school readiness is oral vocabulary (the number of words a child understands when listening and/or uses when speaking). So what can you do at home to make sure your child develops a strong vocabulary? Here are a few ideas which are free and easy to do:

Talk. Ask questions. Answer your child’s questions. Tell each other stories. The more words your child hears and uses, the better.

Play. Children learn about the world around them through play. Even a game of hide and seek can teach concepts such as “under the table” or “behind the shrub”.

Sing. Whether you listen to music in the car or make up your own songs, your child will benefit from hearing new words.

Read. Check out books (or eBooks) from the library and make reading a daily habit.

Increase your child’s vocabulary now, so when that first day of Kindergarten comes around, your child will reap the benefits.