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Ten Things to Do to Promote Reading Readiness

April 29,2014
  1.  Read to your child every day. This is the single most important thing to do. Reading expands vocabulary and general knowledge. It improves memory, listening, and reading skills.
  2. Ask questions before, during and after reading to improve comprehension. Before reading, predict what will happen in a story. During reading, answer children’s questions. After reading, ask open-ended questions.
  3. Tell stories to each other to increase verbal proficiency, enhance communication skills, and improve concentration.
  4. Sing songs and read rhymes. This helps children hear and identify sounds that make up words.
  5. Point out sounds in words to foster an understanding of how sounds of spoken language are put together to form words. Ask questions like: “What three sounds do you hear in the word cat?” (Answer: /c/ /a/ /t/)
  6. Talk and listen. Having conversations increases vocabulary and language skills and teaches children to think while they talk.
  7. Visit the library to reinforce the importance of books and reading.
  8. Let your child see you reading and writing. When children see adults in their lives reading and writing, they want to learn to read and write, too.
  9. Encourage writing (even scribbling) to reinforce the notion that written words represent spoken language.
  10. Limit TV and encourage active play to develop both mind and body.