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Celebrate With Us

February 25,2014

Children, teens, and adults the world over celebrate World Read Aloud Day on the first Wednesday of every March. Whether reading at public events, school, or at home, they read aloud to show the world that all people – no matter how rich or how poor, no matter how young or how old – have the right to literacy. World Read Aloud Day celebrates the power of words and stories and creates a community of readers advocating for every child’s right to an education and access to books and technology.

We hope that you will join us in celebrating World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. To learn more about this special day and how to join the movement, download a World Read Aloud Day Kit for the classroom, community, home, or office. These activity kits are full of free resources to make the most of your World Read Aloud Day celebration.