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Words, Words Everywhere

October 30,2013

Billboards. Street signs. Traffic signs. Logos on clothing and words on t-shirts. Words and letters are pervasive in our world. Consider using all of this “environmental print” to foster important pre-literacy skills. Here are three quick and easy ways to incorporate environmental print learning time into your already busy life:

In the Car: Choose a letter of the day and as you drive down the road ask your child to tell you every time they see that letter – whether on a license plate, a sign, or billboard.

When Getting Dressed:Point out words on your child’s clothing or personal items.

When Eating Out: Ask your child to identify letters on menus, activity placemats, and signs in restaurants.

As your child finds letters in the environment, ask what sounds those letters make. Be sure to lavish praise on your child every time they get things right and to gently correct them if they make a mistake. Learning to read is one of the most difficult tasks we ask of children and they need your encouragement and support to succeed.