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Rhyme Time

September 29,2013

Rhyming words cannot only be fun for young children, but also help them develop the pre-literacy skills they need. Here are some fun and easy ways to incorporate rhyming into your day:

  • When walking upstairs with your child, count each step aloud. Add a rhyming word for each number as you say it. For example, you might say: One/Fun; Two/You, Three/Me, Four/More, Five/Alive, Six/Sticks, etc.
  • Make up a silly song to sing. Feature your child’s name and words that rhyme with it. For example, you might sing: “On my honor, I love Connor.” or “Look at Avery. See her bravery” or “Look here, Madam. Here comes Adam”. Use a tune you already know or make up your own.
  • Read nursery rhymes and storybooks that feature rhyming words. Take time to point out words that rhyme and ask if your child can think of additional rhyming words.

Rhymes are fun for everyone. So have good times enjoying rhymes and plant the seeds a child needs to grow into a reader.