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How Do You Know if Your Child is Ready to Learn to Read?

August 27,2013

Sometimes child developmental milestones are obvious. It is easy to tell when children are ready to start walking because they are probably already cruising around holding on to furniture. But sometimes developmental milestones are less obvious. For example, how do you know when your child is ready to start learning to read?

Children who are ready to learn to read demonstrate these six important pre-reading skills. They:

  1. Notice printed language and know how to use books.
  2. Use many words.
  3. Want to learn to read.
  4. Know letters and sounds.
  5. Can tell or retell a story.
  6. Distinguish sounds within words.

If you’d like to learn more about these pre-reading skills and how to cultivate them in children, please feel free to download and share our free parent guide, “Ready? Get Set. Go! A Brief Guide to Working with New Readers.” It takes just a second to download and only minutes to read, but is packed with valuable information that can really make learning to read much easier for your child.