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The Innovation Age

April 29,2013

We live in a time of rapid technological change. Many of today’s children will have careers in fields which don’t yet exist and will be surrounded by technologies that have not yet been invented. In order to succeed in tomorrow’s world, they must become lifelong learners and in order to be lifelong learners, they must become lifelong readers.

Think about it. Information is at our finger tips. We “google” questions and answers appear. Although internet access is imperative for accessing the world of knowledge online, it is not sufficient. The world is at our finger tips, only because you and I can read.

Unfortunately, UNESCO estimates that 770 million people around the world cannot read and write (two-thirds of them female). What can be done to help them? We believe new digital technologies can play a role. That is why every time you buy a set of Budding Reader eBooks, we donate one to a child in need through our non-profit partners, Worldreader and World Literacy Foundation. Together, we are embracing new digital technologies to bring books and literacy to all.