Monthly Archives: February 2013

Roses, Chocolates, Candy Hearts & Books

February 27,2013

Just a few short weeks ago, people were celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving roses, chocolates, and candy hearts to loved ones. Many people were giving books, too, because February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day, but also International Book Giving Day.

To celebrate both holidays in 2012, we offered Budding Reader eBooks free to everyone on Amazon. In 2013 we had hoped to outdo ourselves and “unglue” our first book set that day – in other words, to make the eBook set free to everyone, everywhere, forever.

Unfortunately, our campaign on crowdsourced funding site,, fell short of its goal. Thus, we fell short of our goal to give that book to the world. That was disappointing, but the good news is we can try our campaign again in the future. Until then, we will feel good knowing that thanks to you, our wonderful customers, thousands of children in the developing world are learning to read with Budding Reader eBooks. Just like chocolates and candy hearts, we think that is pretty sweet.