Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Peek Behind the Curtain

January 28,2013

You may know that we donate an eBook set to a child in need every time we sell one. Last month we reported that in 2012 –thanks to purchases from wonderful people like you–we donated over 15,000 Budding Reader eBook sets.

We’ve been asked how our donation program works, so we’d like to explain the process. Typically, our non-profit partners are working with schools — and schools require books in bulk. Therefore, although we donate one book set for every one sold, the distribution systems of our non-profit partners demand that the donations be made in bulk at various points during the year rather than on an individual basis after each sale.  This means that a purchase made today might trigger a future donation or may be matched with a donation from the past.

In 2012 we donated more books than we sold. So, we’re good. In 2013 we hope to be better. We may be a tiny micro-press, but we’ve got big hopes for the New Year. Thanks for reading and for supporting our mission.