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The Gift of Giving

December 22,2012

As you know, every time we sell an eBook, we donate one to a child in need through one of our non-profit literacy partners. Because of your purchases, in 2012 Budding Reader donated more than 15,000 eBooks to people in the developing world through our partners, World Literacy Foundation and World Reader.  World Literacy Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization based in Australia dedicated to transforming the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged children via literacy and education.  Worldreader is a not-for-profit organization based in Barcelona, Spain and the United States which aims to make digital books available to all in the developing world by leveraging e-reader technology.

In 2012, World Literacy Foundation distributed more than 10,000 Budding Reader eBooks to more than 2,500 children in seven countries in the developing world:

  • 250 children and more than 100 adults in Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • 700 children in Sokoto State, Nigeria
  • 300 children in Tamil Nadu, India
  • 200 children in Kampala, Uganda
  • 1000+ children in Cameroon, Africa
  • 30 children in Ghana
  • 20 children in Kigali, Rwanda

Worldreader distributed 5,000 Budding Reader eBooks to children in Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda.

We’ve enjoyed giving each and every eBook and look forward to giving away more next year. Thanks to you for your purchases of Budding Reader ebooks– they are what makes all this giving possible. Happy Holidays!

Your friends at Budding Reader