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Campaigning for a Better World

October 14,2012

The U.S. Presidential election is in full swing. Our phones are ringing non-stop with calls from the campaigns of politicians seeking our votes and our donations. Money collected is used to fill our television sets and mailboxes with even more solicitations.

In the midst of this busy election season, Budding Reader is re-launching its own campaign — to “unglue” our first book set, Cat and Rat. When a book is “unglued” it means that publishers (like us) can earn a fair profit and readers (like all of us) will ultimately have a library full of free digital books. Unlike the Presidential candidates, Budding Reader does not have a big budget, access to a team of powerful PACs or billionaire supporters. All we’ve got is our satisfied customers, our wonderful non-profit partners, a lot of passion, and you.

When you choose to donate money to political candidates, all you know for sure is you’ll get more political advertisements. When you donate money to give books to the world though, however, you’re guaranteed a meaningful return on your investment. First, if the campaign is successful, you’ll get a book you can read and easily share – freely and legally (if the campaign is not successful, you will not be charged). Secondly, you’ll help create a digital library full of books that are free to share with everyone, everywhere — forever.

Decisions we make today, impact people in the future. You and I are library patrons today because others in the past built libraries for us to use. Let’s work together today to leave a legacy of literacy and a library full of free digital books for future generations.

Thank you for your support.

Your friends at Budding Reader