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A Bump in the Road

August 27,2012

Every now and then on the road of life, a pothole is unavoidable. Such is the case with Budding Reader’s recent campaign to “unglue” (make free to the world), Cat and Rat, the first Budding Reader book set. As readers of this blog know, we had been running a campaign on the beta crowdsourcing website, If you are one of the many people who pledged to support our campaign, we thank you for your support.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Amazon notified that they will no longer process pledge payments for them. This forced to suspend all active book campaigns, including ours. How soon will implement a new payment method? Will Budding Reader be invited to participate again once the re-set button has been pushed? At this point, there are a lot of unknowns.

There is one thing we do know though. There are a lot of very smart people – salt of the earth type people – at who care deeply about the future of books and libraries in the digital age. They are working hard to ensure that some day electronic books are as free to share and lend as printed books are. has a great idea. Here’s hoping it sticks.


P.S. Read the full story on’s blog: