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Our Valentine’s Day Gift to the World

February 13,2012

In honor of all of the amazing people — literacy experts, educators, librarians, parents and of course, emergent readers — who contributed to the development of Budding Reader eBooks, the first two Budding Reader eBook sets will be FREE to everyone, everywhere on Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14, 2012, California Time). 

Far too many children living in poverty don’t have access to books. We want to change that. Inspired by TOMS Shoes “One for One” business model, we created a company that will sell eBooks to those who can afford to buy them so we can donate eBooks to people who can’t. For every eBook purchased, we’ll donate one to a child in need. 

In order for this business model to work, however, we need to be visible on Amazon. Want to help us? On Valentine’s Day, download our eBooks for FREE from Amazon. Here are the links:  

Budding Reader Book Set 1: 

Budding Reader Book Set 2: 

The more downloads we get, the higher our rank on Amazon. The higher our rank on Amazon, the more visible our eBooks. The more visible our eBooks, the more people will ultimately buy them which will trigger more donations to children in need. See how that works? 

If you know any parents, teachers or children who would like our eBooks, please spread the word and help us distribute our Valentine’s Day gift to the world.  

Thank you.

Your friends at Budding Reader